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Extra information

Payment options

At Deem nails you can pay in cash or by means of a payment request, this must be paid within 4 hours!


After your treatment you have a 1 week guarantee provided you have treated your nails sparingly. If something happens to your nails after 1 week, there is no longer a guarantee and Deem charges nail repair for 4 euros!


prevented? Report this 24 hours in advance! More than 10 minutes late, 50% will be charged!

Nail maintenance

Below are some tips to properly maintain your nails!
- Wear gloves when gardening.
- Also wear gloves during cleaning, some cleaning agents break down the nail faster.
- Make a new appointment in time when there is too much growth, the nail becomes too heavy and breaks down faster.
- When you use medication, this can affect the adhesion of the nail.

Copy of Jacobs (10).png

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do you have questions? Or if you don't know which treatment is good for your nails, feel free to contact us!

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